lundi 24 juillet 2017

F40's 30 years anniversary

I'm not a Ferrari freak but as a guy born in the late 80's, I had to pay a tribute to a 30 years old icon which made me dream as a kid and still makes me dream today...

mardi 30 mai 2017

samedi 6 mai 2017

Never forget where you come from...

This illustration is a gift for the barber shop I go to when I'm in my hometown in France.
They've just opened a new shop Rockabilly style and I thought this would fit perfect in it.

mercredi 14 décembre 2016

I'm currently helping a student intern (Romane Neuville) on her project for Chery. This is something new for me, I'm trying the show her how to set up good proportions and homogeneous graphics... Hope this gonna help!
Her project is an autonomous vehicle that can "transform" into a Motorcycle... Pretty cool stuff!